Automation of Documentation
Notes are automatically SummaRised saving the nurse time.
Smarter decision making
Improved documentation and assisted decision making means better care outcomes for the patient. 
improved data analysis
Our webdashboard and data-analysis algorithm improves how information is analysed improving falls management.

How does SummaRise work?

  1. SummaRise guides the nurse step by step through the assessment process which is based on evidence based guidelines.
  2.  SummaRises intelligent algorithm assists on the best management process. 
  3.  SummaRise automates the documentation so nurses can spend more time with patients.
  4. All data is easily reviewed and analysed on the SummaRise web dashboard and app. 
Apps are Available For

User friendly apps for tablet or smartphones.


Convenient and portable to be simply accessed on your phone


We are currently looking for aged care facilities to help trial our current project in Western Australia. To trial our product today contact us below for more information.